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Veeam Availability Suite v11

Configuration and Management

  • Tag 1
  • Introduction
  • Identify key Veeam Availability Suite components and describe their usage scenarios and deployment types
  • Building Backup Capabilities
  • Backup methods
  • Create, modify, optimize and delete backup jobs
  • Building replication capabilities
  • Identify and describe the options available for replication
  • Create and modify replication jobs
  • Secondary backups
  • Simple vs. advanced backup copy jobs
  • Discuss using tapes for backups
  • Tag 2
  • Advanced repository capabilities
  • Ensure compatibility with existing deduplication appliances
  • Introduce the new hardened repository
  • Protecting data in the cloud
  • Restoring from backup
  • Identify, describe and utilize the different explores and instant recovery tools and features
  • Recovery from replica
  • Identify and describe in detail, failover features and the appropriate usage
  • Develop, prepare and test failover plans to ensure recovery
  • Disaster recovery from replica
  • Tag 3
  • Testing backup and replication
  • Testing backups and replicas to ensure you can recover, what you need, when you need to
  • Configure and setup virtual sandbox environments based on backup, replicas and storage snapshots
  • Veeam Backup Enterprise Manager and Veeam ONE
  • Introduce the concept of monitoring your virtual, physical and cloud environments with Veeam
  • Configuration backup
  • Locate, migrate or restore backup configuration
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