Data Protection Administration

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This course was designed to teach the core technologies of ONTAP 9.0 Data protection. You will learn how to implement and manage SnapMirror, SnapVault, SnapLock, SMV DR and NDMP technologies which are used to replicate and restore mission-critical data in the enterprise. The course also surveys real-world scenarios and use cases to teach you when to use each of the NetApp protection solutions. Backup and restore operations are taught using the command line and OnCommand System Manager. This course also provides an overview of the ONTAP 9.0 MetroCluster HA and disaster recovery software solution.


IT Professional


Clustered Data ONTAP 9 Administration NetApp ONTAP, Cluster Administration oder dem entsprechende Kenntnisse

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Seminardauer: 2 Tag(e)
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  • Module 1: ONTAP Integrated Data Protection
  • Data protection overview
  • High availability
  • Backup and archive
  • Disaster recovery
  • Compliance
  • Cloud
  • OnCommand system manager
  • Host-level software
  • Application-level software
  • Data Protection tools
  • Module 2: NetApp Mirroring Fundamentals
  • SnapMirror technology
  • Mirror relationships
  • Relationship types
  • Load sharing
  • SnapMirror and SnapVault configuration
  • SnapMirror policies and configuration
  • Automatic transfers
  • Intercluster network connectivity
  • TCP connections
  • Two cluster networking
  • Cluster cascade networking
  • Deployment configuration
  • SnapMirror cascade deployments
  • Cluster Fan-out or Fan-in
  • Intercluster SnapMirror Throttle
  • Network compression
  • Peer relationships
  • Module 3: Implement SnapMirror Relationships
  • FlexVol volumes mirror copy
  • SnapMirror relationships configuratiom
  • Licensing
  • Language setting
  • Job schedules
  • Monitoring relationships
  • Failover mode
  • Disaster mode
  • Version-independent SnapMirror technology
  • FlexClone technology
  • Tape backup
  • NDMP
  • Volume move
  • Module 4: Disaster Recovery for Storage Virtual Machines
  • SVM disaster recovery
  • Identity preserve option
  • SVM disaster recovery requirements
  • Selective protection
  • Test and Dev
  • Convert a volume
  • Module 5: Disk-to-Disk Backup with SnapVault Software
  • SnapVault Soltuion components
  • Snapshot copy policy
  • SnapVault backups
  • Managing SnapMirror and SnapVault updates
  • SnapVault end-to-end storage efficiency
  • Storage compression
  • Space planning requirements
  • Tiered backup
  • Restoring data
  • Module 6: SyncMirror and MetroCluster Software
  • Data mirroring
  • Plexes and pools to an aggregate relationship
  • Storage type considerations
  • SyncMirror Plex failure
  • MetroCluster overview
  • Nondisruptive operations
  • Local HA failover
  • Protecting data
  • Unmirrored aggregates
  • Node-level QoS
  • Active-active configuration
  • Planned switchover
  • Tiebreaker software
  • Module 7: NDMP and Tape Backup
  • NDMP technology
  • Terms and concepts
  • Nodes, connections and variables
  • Managing SVM-Scoped NDMP
  • NDMP backup models
  • User authentication
  • SVM-aware NDMP
  • Management commands


Data ONTAP 9 is the data storage operating system from NetApp.