ORACLE Database 12c

New Features for Administrators

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Nach diesem Seminar kennen Sie die Neuerungen der Oracle Database 12c und können diese konfigurieren und verwalten.


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    1. Tag

    • Enterprise Manager and Other Tools
    • Enterprise Manager (EM) Cloud Control home page
    • SQL Developer with new functionalities, OUI, DBCA
    • Basics of Multitenant Container Database (CDB)
    • Multitenant architecture
    • Root container vs. pluggable database containers
    • Structure of the root, Structure of Pluggable Database (PDB)
    • CDB_xxx and DBA_xxx views
    • Configuring and Creating CDB and PDBs
    • Tools: DBCA and SQL*Plus
    • Exploring the Structure (CDB_xxx views and EM)
    • Create a new PDB from PDBSEED, from a non-CDB
    • Managing CDB and PDBs
    • Connect to CDB and a PDB, Start up a CDB
    • Open / Close a PDB (SQL*Plus, srvctl, EM)
    • Shut down a CDB, Change PDB state

    2. Tag

    • Managing Tablespaces, Users, Privileges and Roles
    • Managing Backup / Recovery / Flashback and Migration
    • Backup a whole CDB, Backup a PDB
    • Recover CDB from redo log files, control files, undo datafiles loss
    • Recover PDB from PDB datafiles loss
    • Flashback at CDB level
    • Online Datafile Move and Automatic Data Optimization
    • Data classification in 12c : tablespace, group, object, row levels
    • Configure heat map, automatic movement and compression
    • Policy declaration: simple declarative SQL extension
    • Customized automated action execution with user-defined functions
    • Execution in scheduled maintenance windows and by MMON
    • In-Database Archiving
    • Challenges of old data in tables and 11g solutions
    • In-database archiving new solutions
    • Temporal Validity versus Temporal History
    • Temporal Validity: PERIOD FOR, New SQL temporal data type

    3. Tag

    • Auditing Enhancements
    • Unified Audit Trail
    • Separate tablespace for the unified audit trail
    • Granting the AUDIT_ADMIN role to a user
    • Privileges Enhancements
    • Database Privilege Analysis
    • Granting the CAPTURE_ADMIN role
    • Querying DBA_PRIV_CAPTURES
    • Oracle Data Redaction
    • Overview of Oracle Data Redaction
    • Types of Masking Policies
    • Administering the EXEMPT REDACTION POLICY
    • Understanding Masking of Statements Containing Subqueries
    • General RMAN New Features and FDA Enhancements
    • Making Database Connections With RMAN
    • Using the SYSBACKUP Privilege
    • Backing up and Restoring Very Large Files
    • Creating Multisection Backups, Transporting Data Across Platforms

    4. Tag

    • Monitoring DB Operations
    • Overview, Use cases, Current Tools
    • Define a DB operation
    • Monitoring: Bracketing an Operation
    • DB Operation Tuning, Active Report
    • Schema and Data Changes
    • Explain the Schema Change Plan flow
    • Change requests, Schema synchronization
    • Explain the Data Comparison flow, DBMS_COMPARISON package
    • Guidelines and steps, Comparison job and results
    • SQL Tuning
    • Adaptive Execution Plans, SQL Plan Directives
    • Statistics Gathering Performance Improvements
    • Histogram Enhancements
    • Real-Time ADDM and Compare Period Advisor
    • Emergency Monitoring, Real time ADDM
    • Define Workload dimensions
    • Reported items, Root Causes

    5. Tag

    • Resource Manager and Other Performance Enhancements
    • Manage resources between PDBs, withing a PDB
    • CDB and PDBs plans, Manage runaway queries
    • Index and Table Enhancements
    • Support for invisible columns
    • Advanced Row Compression
    • ADR and Network Enhancements
    • ADR file types
    • New commands for ADRCI
    • Oracle Data Pump, SQL*Loader, External Tables Enhancements
    • Partitioning Enhancements
    • Move a partition online
    • Split Partition Operation Enhancement
    • Add, Merge, Drop Partition Operation
    • SQL Enhancements


    IT Professional


    D77758 mit digitalen Seminarunterlagen.


    Gute Administrations-Kenntnisse einer früheren Oracle Version (10 oder 11)

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    Seminardauer: 5 Tag(e)
    € 3500,- pro Teilnehmer excl. MwSt.

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    Oracle 12c ist eine Datenbank, die für Grid-Computing konzipiert ist. Neben Enterprise-Class Features wir Clustering, Skalierbarkeit und Hochverfügbarkeit sind intelligente Optimierungsfunktionen ein wichtiger Aspekt.


    D77758, Dieses Seminar wird mit einem zertifizierten Trainingspartner durch geführt und dient somit auch als Vorbereitung für Ihre Zertifizierung.