Microsoft Services Premier Workshop

Active Directory Disaster Recovery

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This workshop addresses Active Directory Domain Services recovery but not dependent services. Depending services, such as DNS, are part of this Workshop.


IT Professional


You need some advanced Active Directory trouble-shooting and Command line/ PowerShell knowledge

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Dies ist ein Workshop mit Field Engineers des Herstellers. Sie erhalten hochgradiges Know How direkt von Consultants die europaweit Projekte und Troubleshooting bei Großkunden umsetzen und begleiten. Sie können diese Workshops exklusiv bei EGOS! im Westen Österreichs besuchen.

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    Phase 1

    • We start having a small two domain environment, based on
    • Windows Server 2008 R2. Right at the beginning, we upgrade
    • the entire environment to Windows Server 2012 and deploy
    • additional domain controllers using some different
    • deployment technologies. We also operate with Windows
    • Server 2012 but not Read-Only Domain Controllers. Those
    • steps going side-by-side with Slides, Labs and Knowledge
    • transfers.

    Phase 2

    • During the next Workshop phase, we discuss about disasters,
    • how they may occur, what kind of disaster are to expect
    • (known from the field) and how to recover from that.
    • Then we explain and discuss involved services and
    • components and do some Labs on different component
    • recoveries. We also discuss on proactive steps to prevent from
    • component / forest disasters and possibilities to prepare for
    • that.

    Phase 3

    • During the final Lab, you restore the entire forest based on
    • backups. This is meant to prove and apply your learnings. This
    • final lab is also meant to perform autonomous or in a small
    • team of neighbors. Of course, teachers will assist you if
    • needed. Success for this final lab depends on your learnings.
    • There will be no documentation for this final lab.
    • Schema and Function Level Changes
    • Domain Controller Cloning
    • Active Directory Topology generation (KCC and ISTG)
    • Windows Server Backup
    • Systemstate and Bare-Metal recovery
    • Active Directory Database Snapshots
    • Operations Masters (FSMOs) handling
    • RID Master handling and new features since WS 2012
    • Active Directory Recycle bin and Object (Tree) restore
    • Group policy deletions (GPO and GPLink restore)
    • Active Directory integrated DNS
    • Different Password (Secure Channel) reset
    • Authoritative, Non-Authoritative Sysvol / Netlogon recovery
    • DFSR and FRS
    • Post-Restore operations


    This workshop is designed to give you an overview of possible disasters and best practices on the recovery scenarios. Because disaster recovery best practice is all about time and documentation, Workshop-labs are designed to work mainly on the Command Line interface or PowerShell.

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